Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Best Writing Gift

One thing I have always loved to write is church talks. I don't even give them in church. I just write them. Richard G. Scott once called this type of thing..storing up treasures of knowledge. Writing down the sacred things I've learned helps me to organize the thoughts and principles of the gospel in a way that is more concrete than just thinking about them in my head. I like to keep them in a special journal, saving them for a future date to give to my children. They're my own little "Plates of Brass". I write those sacred things in the hopes that someday they will be of value to my children. I believe it helps me in my secular writing endeavors as well. Being able to record things in a meaningful way helps me to put more heart into my other writing, and it helps me learn to touch and inspire others with my writing at a deeper level.

Someday I will pass these treasures of knowledge on to my children. And I believe it will be the most important writing I've ever done.

Kersten Campbell
"Confessions of a Completely Insane Mother"


Amiee House said...

Hey Kersten,
How is everything going? I loved reading this post. Hope your holidays were full of Christ and your new year starts well:)
Amiee House and crew

Valerie said...

I love this idea! Unlike you, I'm not much of a writer. Most of what I write is for my blog, but I do sometimes have things too personal or sacred that I would like to share and teach to my children. I should try that.