Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Humor Author FAQ's and Green Submarines

Hey everyone! I thought I'd start posting some frequently asked questions that people have been asking about my journey to becoming a humor author. So here are the first two:

1. Are the crazy events in your "Confessions..." stories true? All of the stories are based on true events, but I have highly exaggerated the events into a form of fiction based on real life. For example, my son really did dump out ten pounds of powdered milk all over the floor. It made a huge mushroom cloud but I exaggerated it to be a complete white out in the kitchen. You'd be surprised at what is truth and what is fiction. I actually did nail six shelves onto my bedroom window in order to grow tomato plants. My husband was ready to kill me....luckily he knew about my crazy streak before he married me. :-)

2. So do you really perform acts of Zucchini crime with your children on Sundays? I’ve thought about it and been very tempted. But what we really did was just make signs on boxes pleading with people to take these big green submarines that we had grown in our garden. Of course, no one would take them. So we had to eat them for days and days and days....We still have some in the freezer. Anybody know any good recipes?

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