Friday, December 26, 2014

4 Ways to Tell if Your writing is Good


How can you tell if your writing is good?  Here are three ways I use to make sure my writing is clean and that people will love it.

1. Get Beta-reader input-  This is essential.  You cannot see all the flaws in your own writing.  Get a tough skin and seek criticism.

2. Clean it up-  Omit flowery stuff, unnecessary descriptions, scenes, and words, such as "that" or "Really" or "Very".  Go over it and clean it up at least 7-10 times.  You'll be amazed how you find new things to omit each time.  Omit anything that doesn't advance the plot.

3. Let it sit-  I have to let my humor writing sit for like a week or even a month and then read it again.  Fresh eyes really help to see if it is as funny as I thought the first time.  I do this several times.

4. Map out your Scenes and Sequences-  This is to make sure you have your pacing right.  Put each scene and sequence on a sticky note and place them in a line.  Try to determine if you need to speed up or slow down the pace in any area.  Remember scenes speed up the pace and sequences slow it down.

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