Monday, November 10, 2014

How to Write a Title that will Sell Books


I loved the above article.  Click here to read it.  But I'd also add some of my own advice.  A title is really an advertising decision.  And one thing I've learned from writing advertising for companies is that you need to think of your audience's "pain."  What "pain" does your book solve for them or speak to?  The only way they will buy something is if it will help them assuage some pain in their life.  

For instance my book is about motherhood, and it helps my audience laugh at the ups and downs that would otherwise make them cry.  So in the title I tried to reflect that.  They know that if they buy my book they will be able to laugh at things that give them grief.

If your book is a romance, you need think: why does my audience read romance?  Is it because they are lonely?  Do they like to escape into other people's lives?  Do they like to be entertained with an action-packed romance?  If so, you need to come up with a title that will help promise these things....and do it in a few words.  Not easy.  But you'll find it's really fun to brainstorm and ask everyone you know to give you suggestions.  Sometimes things other people say will trigger just the right idea.

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