Friday, August 08, 2014

How to write Faster and Better


I've got one rule for you!  And that is:  Don't edit your rough draft until it's done!  This really works to help you write faster and better.  Just get it all out.  Editing can be done later.  Many people get stuck writing the same paragraph over and over and over, fiddling with words and sentences.  This will stall your creativity.  It's really important for you to get it all out before your analytical brain takes over.  Your analytical side will stifle your creative side, so you really need to write and write and write while creativity is flowing.  Afterward, go back and edit.  And then edit some more.  First fix the plot.  Then add sensory details, then character.  You can play with it all you want.  You should spend 30% of your time writing the piece, and then afterwards, about 70% of your time editing.  I promise you will write faster and better if you follow this rule!  Good luck!

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