Thursday, June 19, 2014

Best Writing Advice Ever!


When I was beginning my writing career, a friend of mine was a veteran novelist with three published books under his belt.  I asked him what the best tip he could give me was in terms of how to write a great novel.  He said that once, when he was struggling with writing scenes and getting in good description, character, and plotting all at the same time, a writer friend told him to add them one by one instead of all at once.

So he began to write his first draft in order to get the plot down.  When he felt he had gotten the plot fleshed out really well, then he'd go back through each scene and insert setting details, then go back once more and add in character details to make his characters more real and make sure they were maturing and growing at the right pace.

This advice has served me well over the years.  Usually I use it when I am editing after I feel I've finally gotten the story "right."  It really helps me to be sure that each scene has character, plot, and setting, and that I haven't left anything out.


So don't worry about trying to get every detail of your story right the first time, or even the second time you write it down.  You can always go back and re-read it to insert any type of thing you want.  You'll find you make more progress and feel less stifled if you aren't worried about adding everything in at once.  Good luck!  And don't forget to pin this to your pinterest "writing" board.  It's advice you'll want to remember!


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