Friday, May 15, 2009

Fast FHE S'mores

Note: Next humor story June 1st. May story posted below

Here's another super fast FHE treat, which I need because I always forget to make one.

Hershey candy bars
Graham crackers
Large Marshmallows

Place a hershey candy on one half graham cracker and place marshmallow on top. Melt in microwave. Then place other graham cracker half on top. (Melting only takes like 10 seconds or less in some microwaves). Smoosh together and enjoy!

1 comment:

Christa Johnson said...

thanks for the easy idea... I love easy ideas like that!
P.s. we have a new LDS bookstore in Prescott, AZ and I went there and your book was on the front display and I was so proud of you!!! Way to go!!! When I get a little spare change to call my own, I will buy it and share it with my girlfriends!
Your ANWA friend,
Christa Johnson