Monday, April 06, 2009

Humorous Interview with author, Stacy Gooch-Anderson

Today I am interviewing Stacy Gooch-Anderson, the author of the humor book, "Life is Tough. I Doubt I'll Make it Out Alive." Since it snowed here during Spring Break, and we were both sick of the weather, Stacy and I decided we'd have some fun and imagine we were meeting with each other in a sunnier spot. (Stacy wrote this cute interview)

Kersten - "And we are live coming from the set of the Oprah show in sunny San Diego at Sea World where she is shinning some light on the plight of the whales!!!"

Stacy leans over and whispers - "Is this where I come in??? It sounds like my cue...."

Kersten smiles and nods while motioning with her hand in the affirmative.

Stacy looks around - "Hey, this is pretty nice digs!! I'm impressed Oprah let you use her set."

Kersten - "Well, about that....."

Stacy getting the hint - "Oh, I see. Well,....not to worry! We are mothers. We know how to hurry and scramble before disaster happens...."

Kersten - "Speaking of motherhood, when exactly did you know that it was the toughest job you'd ever want to love?"

Stacy - "When I didn't kill my Cabbage Patch doll and she never had the adoption papers nullified," Stacy points off into the distance at her four year old nephew who is jumping on a very worn and bedraggled doll.

Kersten - "I see," she haphazardly smiles before turning back to her guest and asking, "I just gotta know. Is it really true that you go to bed with your makeup on? How long has it been? 22 years of marriage?"

Stacy - "22 years, 7 months, and 11 days,.....but who's counting?" she laughs with a swish of her hand. "And yes, I do still go to bed with my make-up on if for no other reason than my mother is dead."

Kersten - "Excuse me??? I don't quite understa....."

Stacy as if everything she says ought to make perfect sense - "She passed away almost exactly a year ago and she once told me that if I didn't do her proud, she'd haunt my days and nights.She literally can now and no offense - but if I don't get my sleep, I'm a bear to contend with and I get bags under my eyes that Mary Poppins would kill for!"

Kersten smiling with understanding - "Oh, I get that! makes perfect sense! Sleep deprivation can be a dangerous thing for a mother!"

Shamuu leaps out of the water and lands on his belly between the two women with mouth open wide showing off his killer whale grin.

Stacy picks up a near by bucket full of fish and heaves the contents into his gaping mouth. Shamuu swivels backwards and plops into the water.

Kersten keeping her poise while gingerly plucking fish guts from her hair asks "How did you manage to keep your calm with that large beast interrupting our conversation? And more importantly, how did you know what to do?"

Stacy - "Kersten, did I not tell you that I have three teenage sons, a juvenile husband and a fourth son who could solve the world's energy crisis if we could tap into his energy living at home with me? They always interrupt and if I throw food their way, they go away happily....." Stacy then looks over her shoulder smiling as the large killer whale leaps into the air does a couple of spins and lands an his side creating a tsunami that knocks the women out of their chairs. "And their love and appreciation knocks me over equally as much!!!" she yells above the wave that is carrying them to the side of the pool.

After finally coming to a stop at the base of the spectator bleachers, Kersten picks up a wet sneaker and folds her lawn chair. "Well, I think that about says it all. And since Oprah is due back in a few minutes, we're going to call it a day! Thank you for joining us today, Stacy! Life is Tough but it is somewhat comforting to know that no matter how badly we think we've screwed things up, we're all in it together and on even ground since no one will make it out alive!"

Stacy - "Thanks, Kersten. It was my pleasure,...truly!" Once she thinks the cameras are off she leans over and plucks a bit of seaweed off of Kersten's behind. "Here you go,....hang onto this. You can make a wonderful facial mask that will take years off of your appearance. Mix that with some fake tan and you'll look 31 again!!!"

Kersten slips on her shoe to the accompaniment of a great sucking noise before heading off with her lawn chair. "Thanks, for the tip! With the stresses of motherhood and the years they have added, that just might get me looking like the right age!!!"

**P.S. I read Stacy's book this week and found it both hilarious and touching. I loved it! Thanks Stacy for sharing your wonderful family stories with all of us and helping us to find the humor in our own lives. You are one funny lady. Readers can find Stacy's book at all LDS stores and online.

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